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Create a design

Select a Style – here we show a collection of images showing an assortment of traditional farmhouse styles and contemporary modern kitchens etc. The user is able to select one of these overall styles.

Select a Colour – here we show a simple palette of colours (eg. plain black, textured black, plain white, textured white, light brown, dark brown etc). The user is able to select one of these colours.

See your Design – here we show an enlarged image based on the above selections – with a list of suitable materials based on the general colours selected.

Save your Design – here we show a 3-letter code in a text field, which corresponds to the above selection. The user can at any point type in another code to change the options selected above (so you can ‘save’ your design options).

Additional Options – here we show two buttons, one says ‘get samples’ and the other ‘get a quote’. Clicking one of these buttons will show the required option below.

Option 1: Request samples

Select Samples – here we have two buttons, one says ‘send me samples based on my design’ and the other button says ‘choose me other samples’. On clicking the first button, only samples which match the colours will be shown, while clicking the latter button, a complete list of all samples will be shown …the user must select from either list, which samples he/she requires.

Address Form – here we have a generic form requiring contact name*, email address, phone and the address* details that the samples need to be sent to.

Option 2: Request a quote

Upload a Plan – here we have a simple file request box, with an upload button – so the user can upload his/her plan.

Selected Material – here we have all the material names in alphabetical order, so the user can quickly select the right one needed for the quote. On making the choice, there is visual confirmation (by showing the user a thumbnail of the chosen material/colour).

Contact Form – here we have a generic form requiring contact name*, email address*, phone* and the address* details so that the quote can be put together.

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